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Solar Power, the right choice for you

Making the switch to green renewable solar energy will be one the best decisions that you will ever make. Not only will you see a huge reduction in your electricity bill you will also play your part in making the planet a better place to live. Save the planet and save money, it’s a win/win situation for everyone.

Ever On Solar are a Gold Coast based company that are experts in providing quality and affordable solar solutions for your home or business. The team at Ever On Solar are genuine, honest and will provide a factual, obligation free quote for the correct solar system for you. Ever On don’t use band aid solutions, theyprovide a quality product, both Inverter and Panel packages from the best suppliers in the market. Fully backed by their suppliers Ever On’s solar packages come with full manufacturers warranty, which are some of the best in the market.

Using only the best products in the market, the team at Ever On will ensure that you get the best out of your new Solar Power Solution. Our experts will map the location of the panels on your roof to maximise the exposure to the sun so your solution will be working to its peak performance. The safety of your property is of utmost importance and as such all our installers are CEC certified and will install every panel to industry standards.

Veteran owned and operated, Ever On Solar are committed to giving back to the community that they dedicated themselves to. Employing young veterans and giving ex defence traineeships ensures that only the most devoted staff will be on site to supply and instal your new solar power solution. Not only do they provide job to ex defence, but they also have a philanthropic outlook with raffles and donations for the RSL and PTSD associations on a monthly basis.

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Why Choose Us?



All our packages come with a 10 year inverter warranty, 10 year workmanship warranty and a 25 year linear performance warranty.

CEC Accredited  Installer

CEC Accredited Installer

All of our solar installers and technicians are fully accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council and part of the Master electricians Australia

Supporting Veterans

Supporting Veterans

Ever On Solar and batteries is owned and operated by Veterans, and offers traineeships and apprenticeships to Defence Force Veterans.

Long Term Savings

Long Term Savings

Not only is solar energy clean, but it’s also cost-effective. Many people who convert to solar power see their electric bills drop significantly after solar system installation.

Save Our Planet

Save Our Planet

There is no question that fossil fuels such as oil and coal have caused significant harm to the environment. For decades Queensland was mostly powered by coal.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Rest easy knowing our premium inverters come with 4G WiFi accessibility, that allows our team to remotely patch into and diagnose any faults quickly and efficiently.

Ever On Solar and Batteries

At Ever On Solar and Batteries on the Gold Coast, we put the highest emphasis on quality.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Every brand of component we use as part of your solar energy system is not only certified by the Australian Clean Energy Council but is Rigorously tested by our team of electrical engineers. We wouldn’t put any part in your home or business that we wouldn’t put in our very own homes.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Quality

We are dedicated to quality customer care and quality workmanship. We treat you like you deserve to be treated and we stand behind all of our work and products. If in the unlikely event you have a problem, we’ll be there quickly to resolve the issue in a fast, courteous manner.

Giving Back

Giving Back

At Ever On solar and batteries on the Gold Coast, we are dedicated to providing opportunities & support to veterans through apprenticeships, traineeships and donations every month.


Do I qualify for the Australian Federal Solar rebate?

Short answer is YES, the only restrictions on claiming the rebate are

  • System must be less than 100KW
  • Must be installed by a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installer
  • Panes and Inverters must be CEC approved

All prices quoted will already include the rebate and is generally around $550 per KW of the system you are purchasing although that may vary depending on your location.

Is my feed in tariff important?

If we are being honest most people install solar power to save many on their energy and whilst the feed in tariff will help you it shouldn’t be the most important element. The trend for installation now is to oversize your system to ensure that your inverter is performing to its peak. You had might as well take advantage of the excess power that your new system is generating with your feed in tariff. This will also add to the savings on your power bills.

Will I lose my 44c tariff?

If you were lucky enough to enrol in the Solar Bonus Scheme and receive the 44c feed in tariff you will continue to receive that until July 1st, 2028 providing you adhere to the criteria when replacing your solar power system.

  • ensure you replace any component with a like-for-like part
  • check with your electricity distributor before adding extra panels, systems, or batteries – you can add solar panels to your system to increase your system size up to the size of your inverter (your system must comply with the relevant Australian Standards)
  • replace your inverter with one of the same, or smaller size
Is Solar my best option?

Yes, it is! As well as saving you money you will be doing your bit for the planet. Your home solar system will provide you with clean renewable energy which doesn’t release any emissions into the environment.

Why are Ever On so much cheaper than everyone else.

The team at Ever On are very conscious of the expense that installing a new system can impact you financially. As such we price our service accordingly to ensure that the customer gets the absolute best deal they can,and we are still able to make a little money ourselves. Ever On believe that Solar Power is a service that should be available to everyone and are happy to provide quality products at great prices.

How do solar panels work?

When photons hit a solar cell, they knock electrons loose from their atoms. Conductors are attached to the positive and negative sides of this electric-generating device which forms an electrical circuit when electrons flow through it. Multiple cells make up one solar panel with multiple panels (modules) connected so that energy can be generated by exposing them to sunlight for as long as possible each day without interruption – leading us into the future!

Australia is the perfect place for solar energy because it’s one of the sunniest countries in the world. Solar power has been used to great effect during peak periods, such as hot sunny days when demand for electricity is at its highest.

What are solar panels made of?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are made up of many cells that convert the sun’s rays into energy. Solar cells function in a similar way as batteries by using silicon to produce an electric field, which then converts photons from sunlight into electrons and releases them during their flow through the circuit’s wires and on its other side. Most solar panels also encase these sensitive components with aerospace-grade conductive adhesives, so they can withstand exposure to various elements such as water or ultraviolet light without degrading performance over time.

Ever on Solar only use quality, trusted solar panels that come with some of the longest performance and product warrantiesin the market. Supplying a range of Tier 1 solar panels to give you the best quality panels on the market, Ever On also use a range of Tier 2 and 3 panels for people in the market for the lesser-known brands.

Some of the brands trusted by Ever On are –

  • Hyundai
  • Suntech
  • Q Cells
  • Canadian Solar
What are Inverters, and why do I need one?

Solar inverters are the brains of a solar energy system. They convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). The higher their efficiency, the better they work for your property! A modern inverter also comes with nifty features like being able to link up with other electronic devices on site and send real-time data about how much power is in use versus how much is generated from sun exposure. If an error pops up during usage, you’ll be notified through an email or text message that it happened so you can fix things asap. Some models even provide weather reports for tomorrow morning so there will never be any surprises around what type of day it’s going to have while using this device.

An inverter also protects the energy grid from any over-voltage. It prevents other properties nearby from being affected by your sudden power surge, thereby protecting the grid. This could happen quite regularly in rural areas as electrical fluctuations are more prominent and can be detrimental to neighbours’ systems should they not have protection themselves – an inverter will stop sending electricity out of its property before it becomes a threat on other homes with weaker protections or no protections at all!

Micro-inverters are one of the most innovate changes in solar technology. Central inverters have dominated since day 1, but they’ve never been able to maximize each and every panel because there was no way for them to know which panels were more efficient than others at any given time or if a problem occurred on just one panel out of many. But now that micro-invertors exist, this is possible! They optimize for individual panels rather than an entire array, so you won’t be affected by having problems with only some parts of your system. With micro-inverters on each panel, you don’t need to worry about a single solar panel having an issue and bringing everything down.

It’s important to always keep up with new innovations happening in the energy industry – especially when it comes down solar power!

What does the Battery do?

Solar battery storage is gaining popularity as more Australian homes are looking to take their solar journey one step further and adopt a self-sufficient, off the grid lifestyle. Battery Storage allows your unused solar electricity to be stored for later use, rather than sending it back out into the grid in exchange for feed in tariffs, which can be minimal. The power can then be used at night when there’s no sunshine or during high energy consumption hours–most likely late afternoon early evening. It also gives you an independent source of renewable power that works best with Australia’s climate patterns which includes periods of lower sun hours (winter).

You’ve heard that solar batteries are too expensive, but the truth is they use some of the most efficient technology available. Many already offer a variation on lithium-ion battery tech because it has been proven to be one of safest and most reliable technologies out there. In fact, one of the main reasons for the high price of batteries is the economies of scale, the more people that start to invest in batteries the more will need to be manufactured and then you will see a drop in price.

What are the benefits of going solar?
  • Reduce your electricity
    One of the benefits that most people find attractive about solar battery storage is its ability to reduce electricity bills for users who have access to renewable energy sources. For example, if you use your ownsolar battery system at home, then once it’s charged and up and running, your electric bill will begin to lower. This means that as long as the sun shines on your house every day, you will be paying a lot less for electricity.

  • No more power outages
    If you live in a region that’s prone to power outages, then solar battery storage is one of the best ways for protecting your home or business. If there are any electrical failures and it happens at night time when most people are asleep, then with a fully charged battery system, you won’t have to deal with any disruptions while sleeping.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Another huge benefit of solar battery storage is that it’s better for the environment. This means that you won’t have to burn dangerous fossil fuels like oil, coal, or natural gas which all release harmful emissions and toxins into our air we breathe.


Our Clients Say

Our happy clients


Jeff Fraser

When I contacted Ever On Solar, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, but professional attitude at the other end of the phone. As our conversation continued, I was even more impressed with their attitude towards our veterans, and the assistance they helped them with.
Everyone said to me to get more quotes, even though I was happy with the first one. So, I received six further quotes, which were lower (a bit) and higher. But Ever On Solar sort of had that x factor, of which made me feel very comfortable.
After the installation I am very pleased and happy that I went with EVER ON SOLAR/BATTERIES.
THANKS DARREN and the team, greatly appreciated!!!!



Darren was very accommodating in making sure what I wanted was achieved when removing my old systemand installing the new one.
Aaron and the installation team did a first-class job and left me with a great system and cleaned up behind them.
Highly recommended if you are looking for a professional solar installation company.


Lorenzo Barone

Dealing with Darren and the team (Ever on solar and batteries), it was easy as. We are very happy with the products, it has been fantastic.
The solar panels are producing about 15-20 KW more per day than what we were expecting.
Lastly, the price was about 50% cheaper that other quotes, well done to Darren and the team, we strongly recommend.


Darren Tee

Darren and his team were great to deal with. They arrived on time and the installation looks great. Darren went out of his way to make sure I was happy with everything. Nothing was too much trouble. There are hundreds of solar providers out there, these guys are a great local small business, staffed by ex-defence people, which is a winning combination. Happy to recommend.


Jean N

Darren and the boys are informative and nice to deal with. All veterans and support RSL’s all over, Tiger supporters to boot. Highly recommend this company if you are after solar.


Jean N

Darren and the boys are informative and nice to deal with. All veterans and support RSL’s all over, Tiger supporters to boot. Highly recommend this company if you are after solar.

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Our Guarantee

At Ever On Solar and Batteries on The Gold Coast we have partnered with the manufacturers to provide seamless service as an official warranty provider. If in the unlikely event that you have any issues the team at Even On will resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.