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As the Gold Coasts best solar installer, at Ever On, we install and manage solar systems in homes and businesses across South Eastern Queensland and Northern NSW. Our customer-first approach to solar installations will ensure that you feel confident and supported throughout the whole solar installation process. The process involves:

Free Consultation

With our obligation free solar consultation, we’ll assess your home or business and determine the kind of solar system best suited to your space and budget.

Feasibility & Proposal

We won’t provide a solar strategy that can’t save you money and make a difference in your life. That’s why we conduct full feasibility tests before we deliver our competitive proposals. That way you have all the information required to make the smart choice for your Solar installation on The Gold Coast

Design & Approval

Following the guidelines of the Clean Energy Council, we’ll design and install a stunning solar design for your building that’s perfectly attuned to the east coast environment. Not only will you start saving money, but your house will look good doing it, with the perfect mix of style and substance.

Installation & Commissioning

We are your one-stop for the whole solar installation process on The Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We commission the materials required from leading brands around Australia, and with our own CEC approved solar electricians we will create the ultimate system for your home.

After-Sales Support

Your partnership with Ever On doesn’t stop after the installation of your solar system. Our team will ensure that as long as you are a part of the Ever On family that you will receive tips and tricks to ensure that your system is working the best for you. Of course, if you have any issues at all we will be there to help ASAP.

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Now more than ever we realize the importance of businesses converting to clean energy on The Gold Coast. Ever On works diligently to make sure that the work we do is done quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to your business.

Many businesses are concerned about the downtime associated with solar installation on The Gold Coast. We understand that time is money and in most cases, your business can stay open and working as normal without any type of interruption. As with our residential installations, our CEC  certified installers and technicians map out the proper placement for where the panels will be placed based on maximum solar power potential.

Many times the roof is the best place for your panels to be installed and we will have to test to confirm that there are no issues with the load-bearing capabilities of the structure. In some instances, the panels are placed elsewhere on the property. If that is the case, we make sure that the solar panels are in a safe location, not be subject to heavy nearby traffic that has a potential for debris to damage the panels.

Battery Solar/Cell Installation

We can install solar-powered batteries in your home for reserve power. These batteries are usually no larger than a suitcase and are bolted securely to an internal or external wall.

Your solar battery can act as a backup power source when needed or, instead of using grid power during the evenings when your panels aren’t generating and energy you can use your battery as your own quiet, solar-powered generator in your home.

Electrical Work

Our expert team of CEC certified electricians will ensure that your solar installation goes as smoothly as possible. We do not outsource any of the electrical work required in your installation and our team provide the best solution when wiring your solar power to your home. This would include wiring your system so that any excess power that your panels generate will flow out to the electrical grid or your Solar Battery for your own storage.

You can take advantage of solar panels to save you money in two main ways, feed-in tariffs from the energy suppliers will pay you money to send your excess power back into the grid. Also with a solar battery solution, you could use your excess power stored in your battery to run your home overnight.

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Go Green with Ever On: the Gold Coast’s best solar installers

Whilst you as a consumer will reap the rewards of choosing solar power it’s the planet that will benefit the most in the long run. Choosing to use the best solar panels, inverters and batteries for your home will not only help you be more energy dependant but you will also do your bit for the environment.

Three benefits of solar energy to the environment

Reduces Air Pollution

Fossil fuels create a lot of pollutants. We have all seen images of cities engulfed in smog and witnessed the effects dirty air can have on the environment- it not only looks terrible but is bad for your health as well. Solar panels help get rid of this problem by creating a clean energy source that doesn’t contribute to pollution when converted back into electricity.

Use Less Fossil Fuels

Earth’s air is contaminated by energy production. Non-renewable resources (fossil fuels) are depleting, so our goals should be to replace them with renewable energies which would provide a healthier environment for all species on this planet.

Help in the fight

Climate change will have a huge impact on the planet. The earth’s air is being overwhelmed by pollutants and its CO2 content, which makes it harder for our environment to clean up after us. As carbon continues to build in the atmosphere, we’ll start feeling more of an effect from the heat coming off of the sun’s rays. leading some areas to become hotter while others become colder; with weather patterns everywhere getting wilder than ever before! Solar energy is one of the most important ways we can reduce our CO2 emissions and protect ourselves from climate change.

Our Guarantee

At Ever On Solar and Batteries on The Gold Coast we have partnered with the manufacturers to provide seamless service as an official warranty provider. If in the unlikely event that you have any issues the team at Even On will resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.